Scott Brittenham

Scott Brittenham is President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Clean Energy Capital, LLC (CEC). CEC manages funds invested in refineries specializing in biofuels, renewable chemicals, and biomass. Prior to CEC, Mr. Brittenham was managing director of several prominent investment banks on Wall Street, where he was responsible for billions of dollars in trading and hedging. He has more than 32 years’ experience in investments for insurance companies, pension funds, endowments and foundations, and investment managers.

Mr. Brittenham has led CEC in acquiring investment capital from over 600 investors, and since 2003 has raised and advised more than $140 million for investment in the biofuels industry.

His travels to raise capital for CEC private equity funds have included most parts of the United States as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Brazil. He advised two major international institutions on their large biofuels investments in the United States.

Mr. Brittenham has a strong interest and passion for music and the arts. His participation in the arts and classical music are in the following areas:

Mr. Brittenham is the chairman of the board of directors of Advanced BioEnergy, LLC, one of the largest biofuel companies in the United States. He is also a board member of several additional biofuel companies where he is a member of the risk management, governance, finance, and strategic committees. With his extensive experience as a managing director of three prominent investment firms on Wall Street, he has made significant contributions to upgrading the standards of performance of several biofuel refinery companies’ boards and management teams.

Mr. Brittenham grew up in Nebraska and graduated with honors in 1980 from the University of Nebraska with a degree in finance and economics. He was named to the Dean’s List of outstanding students. He then went on to the New York University Graduate School of Business. He is also a graduate of several Harvard Business School executive programs, such as “Making Corporate Boards More Effective”, “Audit Committees in a New Era of Governance”, and “Compensation Committees”. Additionally, he is a member of the National Dean’s List, Omicron Delta Upsilon (Honors Economic Society), and Phi Kappa Psi social Fraternity.

After graduating he joined the Wall Street firm Salomon Brothers. In his first year he developed and administered Salomon Brothers’ world-renowned training program, which Business Week recognized as “Finance University,” one of the great places to learn banking and finance.

Upon completing he joined the mortgage bond trading desk, where he became one of the youngest Vice Presidents in the firm’s history at age 24. As a Vice President at Salomon Brothers, he participated in one of the most dynamic and profitable ventures of this period on Wall Street, and is featured in the National Best Seller “Liars Poker”.

In 1987, Mr. Brittenham joined Prudential Securities as a Senior Vice President, managing a highly successful division of professionals responsible for mortgage and real estate investments. The group achieved a ranking of third among all Wall Street firms.

In 1990, Mr. Brittenham joined First Boston Corporation as Vice President and co-head of the mortgage bond trading desk, where he helped establish First Boston as the top firm in the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Commercial/Multifamily and Farmer MAC securities market.

In 1993, Mr. Brittenham joined Bear Stearns as a Managing Director and a manager in the mortgage bond department.

In addition to his work on Wall Street, in 1995 Mr. Brittenham founded his own private investment firm, Brittenham Investment Management, which was General Partner of Brittenham Diversified Industry Fund. Thereafter, in 1999, Mr. Brittenham founded and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Mortgage Inc. which had affiliate offices in 30 states.

Mr. Brittenham has been featured and quoted in many national publications including Forbes, Financial Times, Dow Jones News Wire, Institutional Investor, Bondweek, National Thrift News, Investment Dealer’s Digest, and Mortgage Backed Securities Newsletter.

Additionally, in 1991, Mr. Brittenham was awarded the Business Excellence Achievement Award from the University of Nebraska, and in 1993 he was appointed as a Trustee of the University of Nebraska Foundation which he served for over 17 years. Mr. Brittenham is currently a member of the National Board of Advisors at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, and has been for over 10 years.

Mr. Brittenham is currently the President and CEO of Clean Energy Capital, LLC, which he co-founded in 2003. He is also a Partner with Tigress Financial Partners, an independent investment banking and brokerage firm, where he focuses exclusively on raising capital for high quality investment managers.